A Guide to Ford’s ‘Lock in Your Incentive’ Offer

If you order a new Ford through a dealership, you can guarantee that you will receive any applicable incentives. At the point of delivery, you will be given the greater incentive if one is available.

A new Ford has everything you could want in terms of design, functionality, and power. Ford’s vehicles are known for their cutting-edge features that improve safety and comfort on the road, as well as their stylish designs that can complement any taste.

What is the Ford ‘Lock in Your Incentive’ Offer?

Ford is able to offer a variety of discounts and rebates to customers who submit orders. Customers who place pre-orders will be entitled to qualifying incentives either at the time the order is placed or, if the latter option is more lucrative, at the time the order is delivered in its entirety.

What Are the Advantages of Locking in the Incentive?

Ford gives you the peace and comfort of knowing that you will get a fantastic price on your new Ford. The company does this by letting pre-ordering customers lock in their incentive at the time of placing their order with a Ford dealer like Bannister Ford Penticton.

In addition, at the time of vehicle delivery, you have the option to select a better available incentive among the options available to you.

How to Utilize this Offer?

Investigate the many discounts and other incentives that are offered for your preferred Ford model.

After you have sent in your order form, your neighborhood Ford dealer will get in touch with you to talk about your customized order and the available incentives for you to take advantage of.

Which Ford Vehicles are covered under the ‘Lock In Your Incentive’ Offer?

The Ford ‘Lock in Your Incentive’ covers the following Ford vehicles:

2023 Ford F-150

In most people’s minds, the Ford F-150 is the quintessential pickup truck. Aluminum construction, turbocharged engines, a hybrid variant, an all-electric spinoff, and Ford’s cutting-edge technology are just some of the ways this longtime best-seller has adapted to the modern day.

The base XL trim level is perfect for those in the market for a work truck because it includes everything necessary and nothing more, but as you progress up the trim levels, you’ll find an ever-expanding list of desirable options, along with higher prices.

The sporty Tremor variant is available for people who wish to explore the great outdoors, while the luxurious Platinum and Limited versions include amenities normally associated with Lincoln vehicles.

The F-150 may not have the best ride quality or the sharpest handling of the competition, but it is still highly capable, extremely adjustable, and fiercely competitive.

Simply said, it’s impressive enough to merit the devotion of its customers, who have kept it at the top of the sales lists year after year.

2023 Ford Edge

If you are in the market for a two-row, mid-size crossover, and you want a nice-looking vehicle that won’t break the bank, the 2023 Ford Edge is perhaps the best option.

The basic 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine gives decent performance, and the ride is smooth and compliant. The top-tier ST trim level is powered by a twin-turbo V6, and its price isn’t too dissimilar from the posh corporate relative, the Lincoln Aviator.

For the 2023 model year, the base SE trim is the only one to have a starting MSRP of less than $40,000.

2023 Ford Explorer

The first generation of the Ford Explorer debuted in 1990 and set the SUV market on fire. The new Explorer provides customers with a comfortable cabin that includes a third row, an athletic external design, and a choice of three engines.

A capable vehicle that excels at its primary function—carrying a family and all their belongings—and offering a high-performance variant.

Ford has introduced updated trim levels, such as the off-road focused Explorer Timberline, in an effort to increase the Explorer’s market standing.

Should You buy from Existing Inventory or Place a Factory Order?

You will be able to construct a Ford that is especially tailored as per your needs when you place a custom order for your vehicle. This will allow you to receive the choices and packages that you want.

The best approach to configure the automobile you desire at a price you’ll love is to order it directly from the manufacturer.

How to Factory-Order a Ford Vehicle?

Begin by doing some research on your model of choice (s). Make a list of the options and characteristics that are most important to you, taking into account your demands, your lifestyle, and your budget.

Contact your nearby Ford dealer as soon as you have a clear idea of what it is you’re trying to find. You and they will go over the intended build together, and then they will get started on your unique order.

Your dealer will assist you in comprehending the stipulations of the factory order and will validate the prices, discounts, and payment choices available to you.

When Placing a Ford Factory Order, What Do I Need to Know?

When you talk to your local Ford dealer, make sure to ask about the different incentives that are available to you. Bannister Ford Penticton will collaborate with you to establish which incentives are most beneficial to you and will respond to any questions or concerns you may have regarding the deposits and payment choices available to you, including financing possibilities, during this process.

Have a conversation with the Ford dealer in your area to discover more about the current incentives that are open to you.

How Long Does it Take to Deliver the Vehicle? Can I Track the Delivery Process?

The amount of time it takes to get your vehicle from the factory depends on the make, model, and options you choose. On the basis of your current order, our representatives at Bannister Ford Penticton will offer an estimate of the approximate delivery time. We will also keep you informed with periodic updates while your order makes its way through the system.

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Leveraging the Ford ‘Lock in Your Incentive’ offer is an excellent way to enjoy peace of mind about getting an excellent price package. What’s more, if there are any better incentives available at the time of vehicle delivery, you will have the authority to opt for those instead of the offer made available during the order phase.

To learn more about the Ford ‘Lock in Your Incentive’ offer or to get down to building your dream Ford car, please feel free to get in touch with us at Bannister Ford Penticton.