BC: Take Advantage Of Bannister Ford Penticton’s Exclusive Easy Deal

Simplicity, selection, success – Bannister Ford Penticton is proud to offer our exclusive Easy Deal program to Oliver and beyond. We seek to streamline the financial process, connecting our customers to a fully automated service. Contact us today to learn more.

Convenience proves the cornerstone of our Easy Deal program, with drivers able to complete each step from the comfort of their homes:

Step One: browse our selection of new and used vehicles (including the 2022 F-150 XLT, as pictured to the right). We offer a wide range of brands, trims, and upgrades; and we will ensure you find the perfect option for your lifestyle.

Step Two:
complete our simple financial application. This will allow us to assess your goals and offer a solution that fits your needs.

Step Three: discover a selection of financial and insurance products, each of which can be tailored for your budget.

Step Four: once approved, select a pick-up time for your vehicle. We will have it ready for you.

The Easy Program ensures that Oliver drivers can quickly access the financial options they need – without demanding an excess of time or patience. Start the process today by viewing our available new and used vehicles.

To learn more about the Easy Program (or to request additional information about our financing programs) contact Bannister Ford Penticton today.