Embracing the Edge: The 2024 Ford Edge Arrives in Penticton

The ever-evolving world of SUVs has seen lots of action recently, especially from the industrious folks at Ford. With a fresh squad of models like the Bronco and the eco-savvy Mustang Mach-E jostling for the spotlight, it could be easy to overlook an established family member like the Ford Edge.

Yet, as we pivot into the 2024 model year, the Ford Edge stands resilient, offering a safe harbour of reliability and comfort amidst the sea of newer names. The Ford Edge isn’t the new kid on the block. In fact, it’s something of a seasoned vet—and in automotive terms, that spells out dependability.

Relatively unchanged since its last redesign in 2015, the 2024 Edge isn’t about reinventing itself. Instead, it focuses on delivering the proven comfort, spaciousness, and serenity that have become synonymous with the name.

Slip behind the wheel of the 2024 Edge, and you’ll find an interior draped in tranquillity. It’s spacious enough to make any Canadian road trip a joy rather than a chore, not just for the one behind the wheel but for the entire clan. The quiet cabin lets you soak in the road’s whispers, isolating you from the world’s clamour that’s quite luxurious in today’s hustle and bustle.

Pay a visit to Bannister Ford Penticton—step into our sanctuary of automotives where the Edge awaits, ready to impart a sense of familiar comfort and long-tested charm.