Experience the Pinnacle of Performance with the 2024 Ford Edge

Ford is revving excitement with the launch of the 2024 Ford Edge, a vehicle set to redefine the standard for performance and versatility. With its striking length of 188.8 inches and a broad width of 85.8 inches with mirrors, the new Edge promises an imposing presence on the road that Ford fans will adore.

Crafted for those who seek adventure without sacrificing comfort, the Edge’s spacious interior boasts a generous cargo capacity of 39.2 cubic feet, expandable to 73.4 cubic feet, ensuring plenty of room for journeys near and far. It’s not just about space; at a curb weight of 4,122 lbs and a maximum towing capacity of 3,500 lbs, you’ll find the Edge a perfect companion for towing and travels alike.

Meticulously assembled in Canada, each detail of the 2024 Ford Edge is thoughtfully considered, reflecting Ford’s commitment to building quality and customer satisfaction. And when it’s all about performance, this machine doesn’t just pack a punch—it delivers efficiency, too, inviting drivers to lead the way into the future.

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