Explore the New 2024 Ford Escape: Performance Meets Utility

The 2024 Ford Escape emerges as a beacon of automotive engineering, effortlessly blending the robustness required for adventure with the comforts desired in everyday driving. Equipped with an array of standard features, the latest model ensures you’re well-equipped for whatever the road ahead may bring.

Immerse yourself in the modern sophistication that defines the Escape’s new wheel and tire ensemble. Standard steel wheels are adorned with full-wheel covers that highlight the vehicle’s sleek design, while the 17-inch wheels provide a sturdy base that complements its aesthetic appeal and functional agility.

Year-round versatility is guaranteed with all-season tires that promise dependable performance in various driving conditions. The 225/65R H tires are crafted for durability and optimized handling, offering peace of mind as you maneuver through cityscapes or cruise on the open road.

Furthermore, Ford recognizes the importance of preparedness. Including a standard temporary spare tire, securely housed inside the vehicle, means you’re ready for unforeseen roadside challenges without compromising cargo space or style.

For those who are considering the 2024 Ford Escape, we invite you to Bannister Ford Penticton to discover your financing options. Our team is dedicated to making your transition to this superior driving experience seamless. Contact us today and shift your driving ambitions into reality.