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At Bannister Ford Penticton, the safety of our customers and their families is our top priority.

We understand that your trust in our vehicles and services is essential, and that’s why we take recall notices seriously. From time to time, Ford Canada may initiate a recall to fix any issues or enhance the overall performance of a vehicle, reflecting our unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety of those who rely on our products.

To keep vehicle owners informed, Ford uses both direct mail and various media outlets to announce safety recalls and campaigns. Owners will receive a mail notice with instructions on how to address the recall or campaign. To ensure the safety of your Ford vehicle, the best way to check for current recalls or campaigns is to submit your VIN using the form below. We’ll then verify if there are any recalls or campaigns for your vehicle and contact you with the results, scheduling an inspection or service if necessary.

The VIN can be found on the VIN plate located on the dashboard, or in your sales agreement, insurance documents, or vehicle registration.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a safety recall?
Ford prioritizes the safety of its customers and their vehicles. That's why the company will address any safety concerns related to its products, even if the vehicle is no longer under warranty or if you are not the original owner. You can check if your vehicle is included in any safety recalls by visiting the Transport Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Recalls Database. Keep in mind that not all vehicles within a certain model and year group may be affected by a recall, as the issue may have already been resolved during production, or the vehicle may have a different engine, powertrain, or optional equipment. To confirm if your vehicle is part of a safety recall, please use the form on this page, and we will reach out to you promptly with any necessary updates.
If your recall letter requires you to schedule a repair with a dealer, simply book an appointment at Bannister Ford Penticton to have it taken care of. No need to bring any additional paperwork with you.
A campaign is a vehicle issue that doesn't pose a safety risk and comes in two forms: Emissions Recall - These are related to issues with the Federal emissions warranty standards. Ford will resolve the problem for free, regardless of whether the vehicle is out of warranty or not originally owned by the customer. Customer Satisfaction Notification - Customer Satisfaction Notifications are designed to prevent warranty or customer satisfaction issues, such as non-safety repairs. Ford will provide the necessary corrections for free, even if the vehicle is no longer under warranty or if you are not the original owner.
Yes, absolutely. Any repairs required due to a recall from Ford Motor Company of Canada will be conducted at no cost to you.
You may have seen or heard about a recall on your particular model year vehicle and may be concerned. However, unless you have heard directly from Ford or a third-party manufacturer, you really have nothing to worry about. That’s because all recalls are dependent on specific data, including build date, sequence of manufacturing, VIN and more. If you think there may be a recall on your Ford vehicle, and it doesn’t appear in a VIN search, please use the form on this page, and we will reach out to you promptly confirm any recall rumours you’ve heard.
By law, Ford Motor Company of Canada is required by Federal Regulation to mail recall letters to the last known registered owner. As long as you remain listed as the current owner in Provincial or Territorial vehicle registration records, you will continue to receive these notices. If you are receiving recall letters for a vehicle you no longer own, and have an address for the current owner, please forward the recall letter to the new owner. If you have leased this vehicle to another person or organization, please immediately notify the lessee of this recall. If you no longer own the subject vehicle and do not have an address for the current owner or lease, you need not take any action.
Our goal is to always provide as little disruption to your schedule as possible. That’s why some recall notices do provide coverage for rental vehicles as part of a recall or Customer Satisfaction Program. Refer to the notification letter for details or contact us at 250 492 3800. If you don’t have coverage, we do provide a free shuttle service to get you where you need to be and back for pickup when your vehicle is ready. If you do require a loaner vehicle we do need as much notice as possible to plan for you.
A Customer Satisfaction Program (CSP) is one type of Field Service Action (FSA). A CSP is an available upgrade to a specific component or an extension of an existing warranty. They are Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)-specific programs. Time and Distance limitations do apply. A recall is conducted to remedy a safety, compliance or emissions concern. Recalls are VIN-specific programs. There are no expiration dates on safety recalls or safety compliance recalls. There are generally no expiration dates on emission recalls or emission compliance recalls.