Sell Your Ride

Evaluate your trade-in with TradeRev

Are you thinking of selling your vehicle? But don’t want to deal with phone calls at all hours to answer constant questions?

Are you scheduling time for people wanting to test drive on your insurance?

Are you tired of negotiating?

Used vehicles are in high demand!

That is why we have partnered with TradeRev to provide the best solution for you!


Through TradeRev we can get your vehicle in front of 4500 independent dealers, franchises, wholesalers, and private buyers from across Canada and the US!


With this partnership, we have been able to add back time into your busy day while thousands of bidders bid on your vehicle! The versatility of TradeRev allows the live auction to be used as an appraisal platform for us, this way we can offer a real-time market value for your vehicle in under 45 minutes! Once the Live auction ends a Bannister Ford Penticton Staff member will call you with the market value offer on the vehicle and it’s entirely up to you if you want to sell to us!


Listing a vehicle on TradeRev is intuitive and easy. Follow the six simple steps and the process can be completed in less than 10 minutes, no guesswork required!


We do require that you enter the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) from the vehicle that you want to sell, but not to worry! VINs do not contain any personal information about you at all. The VIN is a Unique 17 Digit Code that allows us to look into the history of your vehicle; like where it was manufactured, what packages it was built with, and if there are any recalls or history of crashes on the vehicle as well.

You can find your VIN (typically accompanied by a barcode) in a few places:

  • Under the hood of your vehicle on the front of your engine block
  • Drivers Side Interior Dashboard ( can be visible through a small window outside of the vehicle looking into the window)
  • Opening the driver’s side door of your vehicle it can either be on the inside pillar OR on the front end of the frame

For a quick walkthrough and more information on TradeRev feel free to watch the video below!