Track Day at Bannister Ford Penticton

Track Day at Bannister Ford Penticton


Join the team at Bannister Ford Penticton for our Track Day at Area 27; a 16-turn, 4.83 km long permanent road racing circuit in Oliver, BC.

Find out what your car can really do!

Imagine a racetrack like no other, with the flow of a classic Grand Prix circuit and benefits of modern technology. Designed and built with intention, taking advantage of natural elevation changes, and featuring a variety of corners to tempt, test and challenge. Surrounded by breathtaking scenery in Canada’s warmest climate – the motorsport equivalent of Pebble Beach.

Area 27 is a driving enthusiast’s dream.

Track Day Rates

$560 for Drivers
$35 for Guests


Wednesday, June 5th, 2024

Join Bannister Ford Penticton at Area 27 for a fun-filled day at the track!

Enjoy some fresh lunch and beverages while observing the other drivers race around the track.

All vehicle makes, models and driving experience levels are welcome.

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Track Day Driver – June 5, 2024 $560.00

Track Day Driver – June 5, 2024


Track Day Guest - June 5, 2024 Track Day Guest – June 5, 2024

Track Day Guest – June 5, 2024


IMPORTANT! Get your waiver form!

You must have a waiver form signed prior to attending Track Day 2024. To fill out the digital waiver, please head to to fill out your form. If you have any questions about the waiver form, please contact Rachel Jinjoe at or at 778 476 8109.

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Area 27 Information

The 4.83km world-class circuit is a hidden gem, located just 5 minutes East of Oliver, B.C. and a short 30-minute drive from Penticton, B.C. Academy 27 features one-on-one coaching from some of Canada’s top motorsport professionals and is available to drivers looking to refine their driving skills.

Area 27 offers a Grand Prix lifestyle with luxurious amenities for the motorsport enthusiast. The Area 27 Clubhouse features a 3,200 square foot dining room, high-end members locker rooms, state of the art classroom, and a drivers pro shop.

Featuring commanding views of the circuit and an outdoor bbq centre, the 2,500 square foot patio is the perfect location to entertain guests. For more information, please visit the Area 27 website.

Track Day Info

All skill levels are welcome, with 3 distinct levels of experience being separated into groups at the track:


Has a valid driver’s license and little or no track experience and may have attended a one to three-day driver orientation program at another facility. These individuals may not take a passenger and would be required to be behind a pace car for lapping during our events.


Has a valid drivers license and has attended a recognized racing/high performance driving school within the last five (5) years, or has attended the 2.5 day course at Area 27. Recognized racing/higher performance driving schools can be found through the following link: ASN Canada FIA Approved Driving Schools. These individuals are permitted to take a guest and may open lap at track days


Has a valid drivers license and holds or has held within the last ten (10) years a Regional, Vintage or Amateur racing license issued by CACC, CASC, SCCA, SCCBC, but not limited to, or have participated in a recognized racing school series. These individuals are permitted to take a guest and may open lap at track days.

To confirm which experience level you belong in please contact Mykaela at Area 27 by calling (250) 490-5531 or email

Each driver gets approximately (5) 20-minute sessions at each track day as well as time on the autocross course at their own leisure.

Expert Care

It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to ensure that their vehicle is in good repair with maintenance suitable for track use. Area 27 staff may from time to time request an inspection of the vehicle to insure suitability for track use. If a vehicle is found not to be suitable for track use, it is the responsibility of the owner, or proxy, to facilitate the approved vehicle modifications or repairs in order to reinsure track use suitability.

We will have an experienced Technician on site to be able to offer his support but he will have limited access to tools, so we do encourage before the event that all drivers have their vehicles checked out to ensure they are in tip-top shape.

You can book ahead of time through our online booking program at Schedule Service. Please make note during the booking that this is for the Track Day and we will assign our Lead Technician and Shop Foreman to your vehicle to check it over.

Your Car in Good Hands: Meet Our Trained Technician!

Sean Collins is the Shop Foreman and Lead Technician at Bannister Ford Penticton and has been for the last three years. He has been a Senior Master Technician since 2014, This is a highly coveted achievement, reserved for technicians who have completed the greatest level of the Ford Training Curriculum. There are only a limited number of Ford Senior Master Technicians in the province, making Sean’s accomplishment highly esteemed, benefitting the Bannister Ford Penticton service team as well as their customers.

He is a valued member of the world-renowned VelocityAP Racing team, where he spends his weekends working on the Area27 track with his racing clients to ensure their vehicles are performing at their best.

Sean is passionate about going fast and performance vehicles. He is an expert in building superchargers into vehicles through Skaha Customs and loves to work on diesel engines. He looks up to Ken Block for inspiration and brings that same level of passion and dedication to his work at Bannister Ford Penticton.

In addition to his technical expertise, Sean is also a dedicated mentor to the next generation of technicians. He is responsible for coaching and training apprentices onsite, of which two have become Journeyman, and the remaining will be receiving their Red Seal later this year. He takes great pride in helping to develop the skills and knowledge of these technicians that will shape the future of the industry.

Crave Creative Kitchen

Get ready for a culinary adventure with our caterer, Crave Catering!

Led by culinary director Challen Wilkison, who has a passion for food that has grown stronger over the 14 years he’s been cooking, Crave Catering is committed to using only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients to create exquisite dishes with their signature style of expert coordination and gracious service. With a team of dedicated partners, Challen and his team are committed to being environmentally friendly and only use ethical meat products sourced from small, local farms that offer organic and antibiotic-free products. They are always looking to expand their network and showcase the talent and passion of the local community. This is not just a catering service, but an experience you won’t forget.

Do you have questions about our event?

All sales are non-refundable. If you cannot attend the scheduled event, you may transfer your purchase to another person. If the event is rescheduled, all purchases will be honored for the next event date For further information please contact Rachel at 778 476 8109 or by emailing at
Please note there is an extra lunch charge per guest. Guests are considered to be in addition to any passengers and will be able to watch from the sidelines. * We require at least (2) weeks notice if the number of non-passenger guests changes due to lunch order requirements. We cannot refund costs for extra guests. For further information please contact Rachel at p778 476 8109hone or by emailing at
All participating vehicles are expected to be mechanically sound and safe to drive. Participants including passengers will be required to wear a 2007 or newer DOT/SNELL rated safety helmet. If you do not have a helmet you will be required to rent one (available at the track). * Please note that only eligible drivers classified as intermediate or advanced are permitted to have a passenger. For further information please contact Rachel at 778 476 8109 or by emailing at